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Book Chat #68 – Books by Gin Stephens and Matt Haig

Two new books for you this week! Both a little out of the ordinary…

DELAY DON'T DENY by Gin Stephens

I picked up this book because I was looking for more clarification on intermittent fasting practices and the science behind it all. I’ve been doing IF since 2017 and seen a lot of health benefits from it, but I wanted to go further with added weight loss benefits. I enjoyed the conversational tone and appreciated all the links to the studies and in-depth books on the topic. This definitely sent me in the right direction! Highly recommend this if you’re also thinking about trying intermittent fasting!


THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY was a book club pick last month! I hadn’t ever heard of it despite it getting glowing reviews and tons of ratings on Amazon. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and the way we got a glimpse at all of Nora’s lives as she made her way through her alternate timelines. About halfway through the book I knew what the ultimate conclusion would be, but that didn’t spoil the journey. It was a short and sweet read, nothing earth shattering, but fun and easy nonetheless. I immediately picked up another of the author’s books after I was done.

S. J. Pajonas