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February 2021 Goals

Ugh. February is upon us! It's a short month but feels soooooo long. Here we go!

What happened with January's Goals

Revise Skylar's Novella, AN UNFORGIVING DESERT. This is totally done now. Revised, sent to readers, proofread, etc. Glad this is done and out of the way!

Post about FIRST FLYGHT all month. Done. I published something every Friday.

Continue on with SFR Station. Done, though I had to take one week off during the server migration.

Setup blog posts for my pen name for the January and February. Didn't get around to all of this. I did January but not February.

Read the novellas for the anthology I'm co-editing. We ended up dividing these up and I only had a few to read. Most of those are done.

Celebrate my birthday on the 18th. Done! We had a nice birthday for me, and I'm happy to be alive at 45.

Start the Power Zone Pack Challenge. I am full into this challenge now! Two weeks down. Six more weeks to go. I can already see a difference in my power and endurance!

Back on My Fitness Pal every day. Nope. I have decided that I'm DONE counting calories. I will keep the same eating habits I established last year (which is approx. 1400 calories a day) and only open My Fitness Pal if I need to estimate calories for a different meal I've never had before. Instead I'm taking my Intermittent Fasting a whole lot more seriously.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Finished a few books this month and I made sure to read every day! And my knitting is coming along. I'm nearing the end of this shawl!

February Goals

Revise THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI and get the outline off to my blurb writers. This is coming along. I started this past week. I'm almost at the half way point, at which I will stop and outline the first half before I continue. Then once I'm done, I'll just have to outline the second half before sending off to my blurb writer.

Reveal cover and pre-order for THE RISE OF SHIROI NAMI. As soon as I'm done with revisions, I will set a date for the publication and send off to my readers.

Brainstorm an idea for an anthology I've been invited to write in. I've been invited to write something for a very successful anthology! I need to brainstorm and rough-outline an idea for it this month.

Build two websites. I need to build a light website for the anthology I'm co-editing. And I need to figure out how to port over an old website to a new one for my freelance client.

Continue on with SFR Station. The usual needs doing here.

Setup blog posts for my pen name for February. I'll be doing this today.

Continue with the Power Zone Pack Challenge and Peloton strength classes. I'm on a major streak on Peloton, so I'm going to continue that. There are four rides I need to do every week for the PZP Challenge, and I have set up a schedule for all my other strength classes I'm doing in February.

Continue with fasting. I have switched over to clean fasting (nothing but water or plain tea during my fasting hours) and only 6 hours of eating per day. I need to be strict about this. NO CHEATING! In July, I plan to switch to 5 hours of eating per day which I hope to sustain for many years.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I need to continue my commitment to read every single day this year. Audiobooks for walks and knitting every weekend.

That's it! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas