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California and Brazil – The Cultural Foundation for the Flyght Series

With the Flyght Series set in the far future, far from Earth, I had a lot of decisions to make. What could I do to make the series relatable to modern audiences? But still be fun and interesting enough to live in?

It was a tough choice! But ultimately I knew that I had to try to connect this series with a culture people could understand, and my other series that I have already written. There was a wealth of information for me. I just needed to get it all in the right place in the right story.

So when I decided to write the Flyght Series, I chose to use the same universe as both the Nogiku Series and the Hikoboshi Series. In the Nogiku Series, I explain that after a period of wars and then an Environmental Decline, ships from all over the world took off from different countries for different solar systems. They called this the Exodus, and they left behind only a small population on Earth. I have this mapped out in my notes! And there are even more ships that left than the few I have already written about. I have plenty of story fodder for years to come.

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