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Sunday Update – December 6, 2020

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

This was the first week of my new sleeping schedule adjustment and I think it went rather well. I am now staying up every night until 1am and then sleeping through to around 6:30/7am. This was instead of going to bed at 10:30pm, waking at 2am, not going back to sleep until 4am, and then tossing and turning until 6am. Sleeping straight through is much more preferable than all broken up all night. Plus, I can either get a ton of work done or watch something I want to watch once everyone goes to bed. Everyone, including Lulu! It is truly ME time.

Things got a little turned around this weekend though. I woke up on Saturday to a very rainy day and a ton of head pressure and congestion. I did not feel well. I still exercised though and did what I could. But eventually I had to take Advil Cold and Sinus, take it easy in the afternoon, and go to bed early. It was the opposite of my sleep schedule for the week, but I have to learn to be flexible.

I used a Klova sleep patch last night and slept 9 hours straight! Definitely what I needed to recharge! Today, my head is still congested, but I haven’t gotten any worse, and I think some more Sudafed will clear me up.

The week for us as a family was same-old same-old. The kids are still doing remote school, my husband is still working from home, and I'm still doing the same schedule as always. I took it easy late in the week with exercise because my Peloton bike seat was too low and it was bothering my left knee. That's all fixed now. I made the seat higher and did a ride on Saturday that went well with no pain.

This week I took two days off from writing and then got back to the end of Hikoboshi 4. I’ve been struggling with this ending, not really liking any of my ideas, so I’ve been slowly pantsing it and just figuring it out as I go. Then boom! One good idea came to me, and slowly, more are coming as I write. Sometimes I just need to get into the weeds of the story to figure out what to do. This is why I'm a terrible plotter! Hopefully I can finish it up in another week.

First up, Lulu, in all her sleep and lounging positions. Lol. My youngest snuggled her up in a blanket last night. So cute.

NaNoWriMo winner! I know I mentioned it last week, but here's all the evidence. Including the shirt! Which I pre-ordered and had on hand for the winning moment. (I knew I would win somehow, barring a major injury or illness.)

For my husband's birthday, he made dosas and they were SO GOOD. OMG. What a treat! We all enjoyed them. Even the kids.

And that's it for this week! Have a great week, everyone! Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

S. J. Pajonas