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December 2020 Goals

And here we are in the last month of the year! Soon I'll be wrapping up 2020 here on the blog and setting goals for another new year. But first, we all still need to get through December.

What happened with November's Goals

Win NaNoWriMo! Done! I got over the 50k finish line on Saturday, the 29th, ahead of the deadline. I still have plenty to write in this book, but I'm in the final act, and now it's a race to the finish.

Send out a newsletter for my pen name. Done! And I will do the same on Friday as well.

Write 5 blog posts for the Flyght Blog Tour. Five blog posts are done and all the supporting images too. I sent these off to Lola over the weekend.

Schedule all of my promotion ads for January and February. Almost done. Sorry to say that there are a few promotional email companies that don't let you schedule far in advance. So I have reminders in my calendar to take care of the last of these this month.

Take a break on SFR Station. I did and it was really nice. I'm glad I did it because it left me time to really concentrate on my writing.

Continue with my Apple Watch exercise streak! The perfect month exists! At least in Apple Watch's world, it does. I crushed it this month, even hitting my Move Goal at 300% on Thanksgiving.

Continue my Peloton riding. Also done! I am consistently on the bike on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. This month I also rode on Thanksgiving, which was one of the hardest rides I've done yet.

Continue with my good eating. I've mostly avoided the candy and the Thanksgiving leftovers will be done within another day or so. I have increased some of my calories per day, mostly because I'm burning so many more and the Peloton bike makes me HUNGRY.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. All of this is going well. I'm knitting almost every day, listening to my audiobooks, and reading before bed.

December Goals

Finish Hikoboshi 4! I'm almost done with this novel! And I think I know how the book is going to end. It won't be pretty. We're going to have to break a few things before we can put them back together. But I promise there will be a happily ever after for Yumi and Rin at the end! Definitely happier than Sanaa and Jiro.

Send out a newsletter for my pen name. I'm making this a thing, the first Friday of every month.

Finish scheduling all of my promotion ads for January and February. This is almost done. Just need to finish it off.

Comment on all the blogs and social media posts from people who participate in the Flyght Series Blog Tour. I will post the tour information once it begins and I will share blog tour posts on my Facebook S. J. Pajonas Page.

Send out all of our holiday cards. This is always a chore. But this year, I'd like them in the mail by December 10th.

Continue with my Apple Watch exercise streak! I'm aiming for another Perfect Month because I'm hoping for a Perfect Year next year. All three rings closed every day, and a workout logged for every day. This includes…

Continue my Peloton riding. I want to workout on the Peloton 3x per week every week. I have a streak now and I want it to continue.

Continue with my weight loss. I'm 3 pounds away from another major milestone. I know I can get there if I just maintain my good eating habits and keep exercising.

Take off the last two weeks of December for SFR Station. Yep. I'm taking off the last two weeks of this month for SFR Station. I haven't had a vacation since February because of COVID, so it's time to give myself a breather…

Take some time off. The last two weeks of the month will be strictly time for me. I plan to cook, bake, knit, read, hang out, recharge. We won't be going anywhere for the holidays, so this is a chance for me to unwind. Because January will be strong on the work front. I'll have a lot to do then. I'll need the recharge.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Keep up the good work here!

That's it for December! Have a great month everyone!

S. J. Pajonas