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Book Chat #64 – Books from Tracy Krimmer, Peggy Ehrhart, and Sarah Raasch

I finished up two audiobooks and an ebook in the last few weeks! Let's get to them…

THE (UN)FORTUNATE FALL by Tracy Krimmer (ebook)

I really enjoyed this one! Krimmer has been writing this series with 80s/90s nostalgia in mind, and it speaks to me. I made these fortune tellers all the time as a kid and my kids make them too. Vivienne was a strong and likable heroine. She knows what she wants and when and how she’ll get it. I loved her romance with Cal! They were a delightful pair. All in all, a fun read.

MURDER, SHE KNIT by Peggy Ehrhart (audiobook)

I got this book on Chirp on a whim. Hey, I love cozy mysteries (of course) and knitting, so I thought it would be fun, and it was. The mystery kept me guessing. There were enough red herrings to throw me off the scent of the murderer. The characters were well drawn and their motivations easy to understand. The knitting group cracked me up. They were a fun bunch. I think I’ll get more in this series!

SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sarah Raasch (audiobook)

I rarely read fantasy, as most of you know, but I decided to pick this one up ages ago and it sat in my audible library. And sat. And sat. Until I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did. This book finally had a fantasy world I could wrap my head around with the Seasons and Rhythms, and all the cities named after months of the year. The magic system made some sense to me too! I was drawn by the first chapter and then finished it up rather quickly. I think there’s supposed to be a love triangle here but I barely felt the romance at all, which is fine. I bet there’ll be more in the next books, which I will definitely read! I've already purchased Book 2 as an audiobook.

S. J. Pajonas