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October 2020 Goals

I have no idea where September went! None! I can't believe it's the beginning of October…

What Happened With September's Goals?

Start my kids on remote learning and not kill anyone. My kids are learning and everyone is still alive. Huzzah!! I consider that the biggest win of all.

Finish my Skylar novella. Done! I'm so proud of myself for writing this novella. I really needed the win because I know the next book I write will be over twice as long and tough. I feel good about this book and I'm sure of what I need to accomplish in edits.

New covers for the Hikoboshi Series. These are done and I LOVE THEM. I still need to finish editing FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT, which I'm working on now. Then I can update these books!

Update my website. This is done as you can see here. I have put the finishing touches on it in the last few days including speeding up its load time and minifying everything. I have a CDN coming too to make load times quicker for people overseas.

Finish with freelance work. Yes, this is effectively done. We have one last thing to do but it's minor and it requires gathering more information. I will be billing my client soon.

Schedule posts for my pen name. I have scheduled posts through the beginning of November.

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Done!

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I've been doing all of these. Reading, audiobooks, AND knitting!

October's Goals

Finish reading and editing FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT. I'm a quarter of the way through right now. I should be done sometime next week.

Relaunch the Hikoboshi Series with new covers. I'm going to do a massive push and get these out onto all the retailers and then I'll do a cover reveal here.

Start writing Book 4 of the Hikoboshi Series. I will start writing this book in October and then I hope to finish it for NaNoWriMo in November!

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. I've got a streak going! And my Peloton is due to show up this month. Woo!

Send out a newsletter to my pen name's meager list. There are only like 30 people on that list, but they deserve a newsletter! I will send one soon, in the first two weeks of the month.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I plan on starting a second knitting project so that I always have something to work on that's easy. My current knit is great, but it has tough sections. I need an easier one for when my brain is melting.

Have a great October everyone! Stay home and stay safe!

S. J. Pajonas