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August 2020 Goals

Where did July go? The first few months of this year crawled and now everything is just zooming along.

What Happened With July's Goals?

Read CRASH LAND ON KURAI and make edits to it. Done. And I'm halfway through CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD now. I'm making tons of notes and coming up with ideas for the 4th book of the series (it's probably the final book, but I won't know until I write it).

Finish with freelance work. Still not totally done but VERY close!

Update the Onigiri Press website. Done! It's now a sweet little one-page website and I did it all with Elementor and my new theme. I love it! Go check it out at

Continue the Summer of SFR! Things are chugging along here. All is going well!

Schedule posts for my pen name. This is done and I'll be doing more next month.

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Did well with this! I only took two rest days this month but I made sure to close out my Move rings.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I started a new audiobook and a new knit! Plus I am reading a lot.

Goals For August

Read CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD and make edits to it. I'm actually almost done with this. I've made a few edits, nothing big. It's really energizing me and putting me back with these characters, which I love.

Write a few extra scenes for CHAOS IN KADOMA WARD. I've identified a few scenes that I'd like to write for this book. Scenes that will help me get in the right mindset and that I can put on my blog to bring in more readers.

Start writing my Flyght novella. I'm writing a Flyght/Vivian novella for the anthology I'm editing with Carysa Locke. I plan to write the majority of it this month.

Read over anthology submissions. Anthology submissions were due yesterday, so I plan on reading those with Carysa in the next week or two.

Finish with freelance work. I will definitely be done this month, possibly in the first week of August. I just need to identify anything else left to do and bill my client.

Continue the Summer of SFR! This is the last month of the event. I have plenty of posts planned!

Schedule posts for my pen name. I need to schedule two posts for my pen name.

Switch over to the new email newsletter system for my pen name. I've tested this and it's working! I just need to swap out the form and import everyone over.

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Keep going!

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. The usual and I'll be listening and reading to SFR, of course.

Have a great August everyone! Stay home and stay safe!

S. J. Pajonas