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Featuring LOST IN THE DEEP END by Jessica Grayson #summerofSFR

Onward with the Summer of SFR, I have Jessica Grayson here today to tell us about her book, LOST IN THE DEEP END!

Tell us a little about yourself, Jessica…

“I love to write stories about strong female heroines and the aliens that cannot help but fall in love with them. I live with my husband, cat and dog in the San Antonio, TX area. In addition to reading and writing scifi romance, I love swimming, chai and dark chocolate. I first fell in love with the idea of SFR when I discovered the TV series Firefly. I was so disappointed to have found such a great series and it only had 1 season. I loved Zoey and Wash together and I really shipped Mal and Inara in that series.”

I'm with you on FIREFLY! One of my favorites!

I asked Jessica, “What inspired you to write the V'loryn Series?”

Jessica replied…

“This is a Vampire Alien SFR in my V'loryn Series. I wrote this book because I love Vampire Romance and SFR and decided to combine the two subgenres into one. My favorite thing about this series is that we really get to see the evolution of these two main characters over three books and explore their relationship and how they face challenges together and still choose each other no matter what gets thrown at them throughout the series. What inspired me to write this was grief. I had lost my parents and oldest sister unexpectedly. I've always loved to write and I found that writing about these characters was a way to channel my grief into something creative and beautiful. So, writing is my grief therapy and I feel like it pulled me out of my deep depression after losing my family and it is something I love and plan on doing for the rest of my life. “

Big hugs to you, Jessica. Losing family and friends is so hard. I give you enormous props for writing through your grief.

Destined to be together…destined to be apart.

I want her. I desire Elizabeth Langdon unlike anything I've ever experienced before, and there is nothing I can do about it. I came to Terra (Earth) on a short-term mission, and then I must fulfill my duty to wed my betrothed to keep the peace on my home planet. Except, I feel nothing for my betrothed and I feel everything for Elizabeth. And I can never tell her. If I form the mind link with her to take her as my mate, she'll know the dark secret I carry within me – the horror of my race. She'd never look at me the same, and that is something I cannot risk.

***This is a slow burn romance. The steam will slowly build over time in this series.***

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