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My Summer of SFR 2020 Goals

Now that I'm concentrating on reading and listening to sci-fi romances this summer, I decided I needed a few goals for my journey into the stars with these authors and characters. Sometimes it's not enough to just aimlessly read whatever you want! If that happened I wouldn't get into the meat of this genre enough.

So I've set some goals for my reading this summer!

  1. I will read a variety of sub-genres in SFR. My main attractions are definitely space opera, action adventure, and dystopian. But I'm also going to try some alien abduction, cyborgs, and time travel. Gotta spice things up a bit!
  2. I will only read first-in-series or standalone books. This way I get to try a bunch of different authors and not get stuck reading everything from one author's catalog. After the Summer of SFR is over, though, I plan to go back and read the series that interested me the most.
  3. I will put down books that don't interest me and move on quickly. Just because I'm doing this event/challenge doesn't mean I should stick with something I'm not enjoying. Like always, I won't talk about the books I'm reading until I'm done. I tend to DNF a lot of books anyway, not just SFR books, so this is staying true to my policy. I only ever talk about the books I've read and loved! I never talk about the books I couldn't get into. I want to remain true to my mission of helping other authors, and I can't do that if I'm bashing their books. That's not what this is about. This is also why I don't take review copies from authors. I buy books that I'm interested in, and if I read and like them, you hear about them!

And that's it! Those are some good summer reading goals.

Do you have any summer reading goals? Let me know in the comments!
S. J. Pajonas