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TV Chat #3 – Star Trek Picard, Westworld, and Parasite

We've moved onto new TV here, though I'm still watching Grace and Frankie on my own during lunch breaks. It's nice to have something non-news to watch in the evenings. These shows provided some much-needed downtime from current events!

Star Trek Picard (On CBS All Access) was something I've been looking forward to for a while, but I was hesitant to add another streaming service to everything we already pay for. When CBS offered a month free, I decided to jump on it! We're about half way through with this season now and I'm enjoying the plot and concept. It was a little saccharine in places, though. Especially Soji “falling for” this dashing Romulan secret agent. It was too predictable.

BUT now that we're past that, the story is really flowing, and I'm wondering how all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together. I really love the cinematography and the special effects. The supporting cast is great too. The ship's captain, Rios, is a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to finish this season!

Westworld Season 3 (On HBO) is definitely proving to be some of the best storytelling of the series. The episodes are tight and well thought-out. I am so intrigued by this “real world” outside of the parks! And I can't wait to see how the parks relate to this world where everything is determined for you ahead of time.

Evan Rachel Wood is just amazing. Her control over her character, Delores, is mind-boggling in its preciseness. I love all the characters but adding in Aaron Paul this season was a fantastic choice. The cities, sets, and special effects are all on-point. Each week, I look forward to watching! It's the kind of sci-fi I love and it's given me lots of ideas for my own work too.

Parasite (Rental from Hulu) (IMDB) was on my list for months to watch and then really shot up the queue once it won the Oscar for Best Picture. I love Korean films so I knew this was going to be good. And it was. The subtle humor, the commentary on class structure, the views of Seoul — there was a lot to enjoy in this film.

A few points got a little graphic, but they weren't anything more than a Game of Thrones episode. My husband and I talked about it a lot the day after and plenty of the themes have stuck in my head since then. If you can watch this one, definitely do!

And I'm sure there will be much more TV and movies to come!

Tell me what you're watching so I don't run out of stuff in my queue!
S. J. Pajonas