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April 2020 Goals

THANK THE HEAVENS MARCH IS OVER. With the quarantine and the start of social distancing, this month has felt three years long. April is not looking any better.

What Happened With March's Goals?

Finish Flyght Book 6. Done! And ahead of my revised deadline. I'm so glad I finished it when I did because it was right before the start of distance learning for my kids.

Finish editing Flyght Book 5 and get it off to my proofreader and then to my ARC team. Also done! The ARC team has had this book and several have read it. I even uploaded the final version to the stores.

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Done! Woo hoo!! I even closed my Exercise rings 18 times this month. More than half the days of March.

Make it through a Girl Scout camping trip. Done, and I'm happy it all went well. We had a relatively good time. The weather was decent. The food sucked. We made it home in one piece.

Start our bathroom remodel! Due to the coronavirus, this has been put off indefinitely. Sad to say. I really hope we can start this project in the summer.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. Done. Done. Done. I listened to a few audiobooks. I read on my Kindle. I even finished my knit I've been working on for 18 months!

Watch finish my Masterclass. No joy. Unfortunately, I just kept forgetting about this. I think I watched a few more sessions?

Goals For April

Finish second draft Flyght Book 6. I need to do my revisions and additions to this draft and send out to my first readers. I hope to get this to them by the 15th.

Setup the website for my pen name. I have the domain and now it's time to set up the website for my upcoming pen name. I can get most of it set up and ready for when I get my branding done.

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Let's keep the streak going!

Keep my kids sane through this coronavirus isolation. We have Spring Break coming up next week. We were supposed to be in Charleston, but that's not happening. Instead, we'll be staying home like always. We'll have to come up with activities and stuff to do!

Make more masks and scrub caps. I've been making scrub caps and fabric masks for healthcare workers, a few each week. I want to continue until I work through some of my stash!

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I'm starting a new knit! And I want to keep listening to audiobooks. I have a lot of them.

Watch finish my Masterclass. I plan to finish the Space Exploration Masterclass this month. Really.

Have a great April everyone! Stay home and stay safe!

S. J. Pajonas