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Sunday Update – March 29, 2020

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Another week of social isolation! I had no idea what day it was most of the time. Seriously. On Thursday, I totally thought it was a Sunday.

Highlights from this week include plenty of sewing, finishing my current knit (!!!) which I had been working on for 18 months, a trip to Whole Foods, and another trip to the vet for Lulu.

The kids had a good week of distance learning. They're getting the hang of it, and I think both of them like being home, though they miss their friends. There are not as many tests but there's still plenty of learning, which I'm good with.

Lulu has been very sneezy lately. We call her Sneezy, like one of the Seven Dwarves. And she's been doing this thing called Reverse Sneezing, too. I didn't know what it was! I thought she was seizing because she seemed very distressed over it on our walk on Friday. So I got her a 2:30pm appointment at the vet for the same day. When I arrived at the vet, I called from the parking lot and they came and got her from the car. Then I gave them my credit card number over the phone for billing and my phone number, and the doctor called me back to discuss her condition. He gave her a round of antibiotics to make sure she doesn't have a sinus infection and she's on antihistamines now to hopefully curb all the sneezes and reverse sneezes.

My trip to Whole Foods was quite the production. I bought enough to get us through Easter, but when I got home, I had to wipe everything down before getting it into the house. My husband was stunned by all the food I got! But I really wanted fresh veggies. Anyway, I know that once Easter is over, he'll be wondering where all the food is. Lol.

We also had a little scare this weekend as my mom, down in Charleston, was rushed to the hospital last night (Saturday night). Bad time to be having an episode in the middle of a global pandemic, but what can you do? She seems better today but they are doing tests to rule out a stroke. We hope she's back home tomorrow. I wish I could be there to help my parents! I've been on the phone almost all day, which is why this post is late to go up.

In writing news, I start on my first round of edits on STOLEN FLYGHT tomorrow! I'm going to take it two chapters at a time and fix things as I go. I hope to have it off to first readers by mid-April. Publication of STOLEN FLYGHT is set for June 19th!

The park is showing signs of spring! Trees are blooming, people are boating (alone), and the turtles are back out on the log!

I've been sewing scrub caps and masks for my local hospital. My friend, Sue, is an ER nurse there so she picks up whatever I make and brings it to the hospital for her staff. I'm hoping to make more this week!

Lulu is as cute as ever.

They finally (FINALLY) closed off all the gym equipment in the park. Thankfully. People had been meeting there to do Boot Camp in the mornings. Now the police are in the park a lot, which I'm also happy for.

I baked more bread this week… because pandemic.

And finally, when Lulu was at her vet appointment, I sat in the car and bound off this knit I had been working on for EIGHTEEN MONTHS. I will be blocking it tonight and hopefully taking photos tomorrow!

Have a good week everyone! Stay home and stay safe.

S. J. Pajonas