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February 2020 Goals

January is finally done. Man, that month just goes on and on forever doesn't it? TIme to set some goals for February!

What Happened With January's Goals?

Write Flyght Book 6. I made some progress with this, though not as much as I hoped! This is a complex book to write and 500-1500 words per day is about all I can do without burning out. Still, I make progress on it every day.

Close out my Activity Rings every day on my Apple Watch. I finished out the month with a perfect Move record! (Move is the red ring and is an indication of calories burned in movement.) Yay! Most days I also closed out my Exercise (green) and Stand (blue) rings. I also did 50 workouts this month walking Lulu. Check out the screenshots!

Start some upper body strength. I didn't get around to this. After walking 4-5 miles every day with Lulu, I was just too exhausted to do anything else.

Reading and knitting. There was plenty of audiobook listening. No kindle reading (like none). No knitting.

Watch at least one Masterclass. Just didn't happen. I wish I had more energy.

Goals For February

Continue to write Flyght Book 6. Once again, I don't plan on finishing this book this month. I do plan on making significant progress though!

Close out my Move Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Move appears to be my jam! I'm going to aim for another perfect record this month!

Start our bathroom remodel! Yes, the bathroom remodel will start this month. We're waiting on permits now but picking out tile and tubs and toilets and all that jazz. I can't wait to have this done!

Go on vacation. Our vacations for the past two winters have been jinxed. Last year, my broken leg kept us home. The year before, the flu. This year we are going on vacation! I'll update y'all when I'm there.

Audiobooks, reading, and knitting. I want to read at least one book while on vacation, and get some knitting done too. Audiobooks are happening on all my Lulu walks.

Watch at least one Masterclass. I'm going to download one and watch on vacation too.

Have a great February everyone!

S. J. Pajonas