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January 2020 Goals

Woo! It's 2020, and that means it's time to set goals for January and get this year started on the right foot.

What Happened With December's Goals?

Revise Flyght Book 5 and send to first readers. Done! I've already received feedback from one reader and I'm waiting on the other two now. :)

Start outlining Flyght Book 6. I did start outlining this book and even wrote the first 500 words on the project before the holidays sucked all my energy away. I'll be starting on this today.

Handle all of the end of the year/new year blog posts. Done!

Keep up with SFR Station. I'm keeping up with this no problem.

Walk. I have been walking. Not as much as I'd like, but hopefully that'll change now in 2020.

Reading and knitting. I barely knit at all in December. :(

Goals For January

Write Flyght Book 6. I don't plan on finishing the book this month. I have the deadline set to the end of February and I hope to meet that! This is it. The last book in the series. I'm excited to get it written!

Close out my Activity Rings every day on my Apple Watch. Move, Exercise, and Stand. I can probably do Move and Exercise every day. Stand? I'm having trouble understanding what the watch wants from me. Is it that I should get up once an hour? Or stand for longer periods? Gotta figure that out.

Start some upper body strength. I have these videos I can do. I should get to them this month!

Reading and knitting. I have just finished an audiobook and an ebook! So it's a clean slate for me. Please, I need to finish this shawl this month or I'm gonna burn it to the ground.

Watch at least one Masterclass. I'm not sure which I'll watch first! But we'll see which one I chose at the month's end.

Have a great January everyone!

S. J. Pajonas