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December 2019 Goals

Where did this year go? How is it December already? I'm glad 2019 is almost done, but man, time is flying.

What Happened With November's Goals?

Publish HIGH FLYGHT. Done! Last book of the year to be published and all went well.

Keep writing Flyght Book 5 and finish it. Done! Finished on Friday!

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Walk. I did go on a lot of walks in November. Runkeeper says I walked 44 miles last month. That doesn't count all the times I walked with the dog because I never turn on Runkeeper for those. I might start keeping track of them in 2020.

Reading and knitting. I didn't do much knitting until I finished with Flyght 5. I switched from reading on my Kindle to listening to a lot of audiobooks. I got more reading done that way.

Business Goals For December

Revise Flyght Book 5 and send to first readers. I would like to get this off to first readers before Christmas.

Start outlining Flyght Book 6. It's my intention to start writing this book over the Christmas holiday and then be done with it by the end of February.

Handle all of the end of the year/new year blog posts. Lots of blog posts coming up at the end of the year! I would like to get most of them done ahead of time.

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Personal Goals For December

Walk. It's still my goal to walk 4-5 times every week. My husband starts a new job today so that means I have to juggle walking the dog and walking myself every day.

Reading and knitting. I want to finish this shawl I'm working on. I'll get it done with audiobooks!

Have a great December everyone!

S. J. Pajonas