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Save 30% On Every Book In My Direct PayHip Store Until Jan 2, 2020

Hi everyone!

Just a quick blog post today to let you know about a sale I'm having in my Direct PayHip Store! It's the season of sales and I want to offer people the opportunity to pick up my books at a reduced rate and try out my Direct store if you haven't tried it out yet. The PayHip Store I've set up is super easy to use, I promise. Not only will it give you the ePub and Amazon Mobi versions of my books to download, you'll also get an email right away from BookFunnel which will step you through getting your book onto your device of choice. It could not be easier!

Use the coupon code…


To save 30% of any ebook in my Direct PayHip Store. You can even use the coupon code more than once! I hope you pick up something good to read for the holidays.

Check out all the books in my Direct PayHip Store

You can also access these book Direct through each of the book's pages on my website.

S. J. Pajonas