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Teaser Tuesday – The Return Of An Old Love

It's another Teaser Tuesday for HIGH FLYGHT!

When the Flyght Series started, we met Ken Mata, CEO of Flyght and Vivian's ex-boyfriend. Vivian and Ken have a whole lot of history together. They dated for a few years before he proposed and Vivian turned him down at the behest of her family. Now, they're dating again… well, they're trying to. The start of their new life together is a little rocky, and there's lots to work out.

He pushes the hair from my face. “I’m glad the company is in place for you now.”

The energy of our connection is electric, and though I can’t read his mind like he can read mine, I can tell he’s holding something back. The unspoken words are just beyond my reach.

“I’m happy it is too. I’m also happy you’re here.” I lean in for a kiss, and his lips meet mine softly.

Ken is quiet for a moment. His arms are tight around me and our breathing syncs. “I told myself I’d give it five years to either get you back or get over you.”

My heart aches and soars at the same time.

“I suppose it could’ve been worse.” He lays his lips on my forehead. “I’m glad it was only three years.”

It could’ve been better, too.

A sweet moment among so many painful memories…

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S. J. Pajonas