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Teaser Tuesday – A Good Girl Gone Bad

And our last Teaser Tuesday for BROKEN FLYGHT!

As we saw in FIRST FLYGHT, Vivian is doing some shady stuff to make money and get her family farm back. She's not above trying new things, as long as she's smart about what she does. Her seeds startup is just this side of legal, so she's willing to run the risk.

But Vivian has a bit of a temper! She's desperate to find her brother and make him pay for what he did to their family. When she stumbles across a clue about where he might be, she throws herself into a chase throughout Oitavo, one of Rio's floating cities. Unfortunately, she's a little risky with her hoverbike flying, and her erratic flying gets her into quite a bit of trouble.

That's what good stories are all about, right? I love seeing her determined to take chances and try harder. Never a dull moment when she's around!

At the intake window, Jinzo pulls his datapad from his pocket, takes off his socks and shoes, and dumps them all on the counter while I hand over my wristlet. And then comes the mug shot. I catch sight of myself in a mirror, and I look like a drowned rat, hair plastered to my head, mascara running, shirt and skirt destroyed. Standing for the mug shot, I’m careful not to scowl. I keep a neutral face with a hint of a smirk in my eyes.

I should be ashamed of myself — really — but I can’t help but feel powerful. I chased that girl down, and I almost caught her. If the bike hadn’t shut itself down and called the cops, I could’ve caught her. I went to that casino to find something of my brother, and I did. And here I am being arrested for driving recklessly and violating city limits laws. Possibly for trying to steal the rental bike, too.

Yeah, I broke the law. Little Ms. Boring and Predictable me. My parents are going to shit a brick, but I think Skylar will be impressed.

Well, at least Skylar will think it's awesome! Lol.

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S. J. Pajonas