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October 2019 Goals

I'm sure no one is surprised that September flew right on by. What a crazy busy month!

What Happened With September's Goals?

Publish FIRST FLYGHT. DONE. And the launch went really well! I'm pleased with the outcome. I sold plenty of copies and got some great reviews as well.

Edit Flyght Books 3 and 4. This is 90% complete. Yes, I got Book 3 totally done. Book 4 is mostly done. I've done my first round of copy edits on it, and now all I have left to do is my readers' notes edits, Grammarly pass, and my listen pass. That should take me all of 3 days tops.

Prep Book 2, BROKEN FLYGHT, for publishing. This is ready to go. I uploaded the final file around the 15th of September. It publishes this Friday!

Make teaser images for BROKEN FLYGHT. DONE. And you've seen most of them this month!

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Keep up outpatient physical therapy. As one does. I'm almost done with it!

Start walking more regularly. I am walking more when I can and I got in some walks this month. Now that we have the dog, I need to spend more time at home, but my husband and I are tag-teaming taking care of her so that we can each exercise. She's not old enough to leave the property or walk on a leash yet. Soon!

Reading and knitting. I read this month. I did not pick up the needles once. Sigh.

Business Goals For October

Publish BROKEN FLYGHT. Everything is ready to go for this! I just need to set it up in my own Payhip store and update the website on release day.

Prep Book 3, HIGH FLYGHT, for publishing. I need to finish up the ebook and upload it to everywhere before mid-month. It's almost done. Just need to incorporate a few proofreading changes.

Send HIGH FLYGHT to my ARC team. As soon as those proofreading changes are into the manuscript (either today or tomorrow) I will send this out to my ARC team.

Make teaser images for HIGH FLYGHT. My goal is to have 3 teaser images per book from here on out. You'll see teasers for this starting next Tuesday!

Start writing Flyght Book 5. I have resurrected Dragon and my digital recorder. I hope to walk around my property with Lulu and dictate most of this next book. We'll see how it goes. I plan to write Books 5 and 6 before the end of the year, then edit them in January. Then write Miso Cozy Book 6 in February.

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Personal Goals For October

Attend my last few outpatient physical therapy sessions. I only have two sessions left!

Walk. It's my goal to walk 3-4 times every week.

Reading and knitting. As usual. I'd really like to knit more this month.

Have a great October everyone!

S. J. Pajonas