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Teaser Tuesday – The Jewel Of The Duo Systems

It's Teaser Tuesday for BROKEN FLYGHT! I have 3 teasers to share for this book so let's strap in and get started!

It was always my intention to have some really interesting planets in the Duo Systems. I didn't want to fall into the old Star Wars standard of Forest Planet, Ice Planet, Water Planet, etc. I would imagine that if Earth is any indication, there are a lot of diverse planets in the universe. I should try to emulate the only planet I know for my two connected star systems.

So when I came up with Rio, the only planet with its own alien ecosystem, I wanted to make it spectacular. What better way than to give it some rings? This is probably impractical, I know. Rings are basically a lot of rocks, asteroids, and space junk that could cause problems with space flight or just survival on a planet. But let's pretend the Rio residents and military have figured out how to live with it, okay? Otherwise, they were too pretty to pass up.

More on Rio's plant and animal life next week!

Slipping my legs out from under the high-end silky sheets, I grab a robe from one of the side chairs, pull it on, and head out to the balcony.

The nights on Rio are absolutely stunning. There’s a reason why everyone says it’s the Jewel of the Duo Systems. Rio’s rings are its main attraction, and they sweep up into the sky overhead, mixing amongst the twinkling stars. Every time I see it, it takes my breath away. Far out on the horizon, a bank of clouds hunkers in wait. I consider us fortunate to be here on a day when we can even see the rings and stars because Rio is also well-known for its storms. Tomorrow, it will rain, and most likely, for a few days in a row. It is a world of rainforests after all.

I take a deep breath and lean on the balcony railing, keeping my eyes trained on the seas. A school of glowfish is lazily making its way parallel to shore under the water, and farther out, beyond the warning buoys, a group of dark whales surface and dive. I’m sure the sentient squid are somewhere doing their thing, but I see none this time. All in all, a pretty typical evening on Rio.

Just a boring night on Rio! ;)

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