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Teaser Tuesday – She’s Not Taking This Anymore

It's time for the last teaser for FIRST FLYGHT! This book publishes on Friday! Yay!

One of the things that happens to Vivian in the course of this series is that her personality splits to take care of situations she's not used to. We were recently watching Supergirl and there's this scene where Lena Luthor and Brainy are dealing with a stressful situation, and Lena tells Brainy that she puts all of her emotions in tiny boxes. Lots of tiny boxes. She then stores them away and deals with them later, if she's feeling up for it.

This totally resonates with me. Yumi, in the Hikoboshi Series, is a fan of the Tiny Box Method. Sanaa, from the Nogiku Series, had a dragon in her chest that would rear its head when she got mad. For Vivian, she looks within herself and calls up other personalities in times of crisis. Business Vivian is a favorite, but Bitch Vivian is around to kick some ass when need be. Mostly, she's just trying to figure out how to get by when everything is crumbling around her.

Mr. Tattoo approaches me, trying to stand over and intimidate me, but we’re about the same height, even if he is bigger. “How about you stay out of our way?”

What they want here is for me to back down and run away. That’s what I would’ve done a few days ago. But now a switch has been flipped, and Kind and Caring Vivian has taken a backseat to Bitch Vivian. Bitch Vivian is not taking any of this shit anymore. Also, Bitch Vivian is so scared she’s ready to pee her pants, but she’s not going to back down.

“How about, instead, you stay out of my way?” I counter. The hair on my arms stands up as Mr. Sumo joins him. “I’m going to find my brother and take back what he stole from my family. And no one is going to stop me. Do you understand?”

The women’s bathroom door cracks open, and Skylar slips out.

“The boss won’t like that,” Mr. Sumo says.

“If your boss has something he wants from Tomu, he can have Tomu Kawabata when I’m done with him.”

She doesn’t share with anyone,” Mr. Tattoo says and stresses the female pronoun. Ah, I’m talking to a female mob boss’s henchmen, am I?

She doesn’t have to share, but she doesn’t get him first.”

Here is Vivian, standing up to men three times her size. She is not amused, and this won't be the last time she stands up for herself in the series.

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S. J. Pajonas