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September 2019 Goals

Well, the summer is over! And now it's back to school for my kids and onto more work for me!

What Happened With August's Goals?

Finish writing Flyght 4. Done! I finished up on Saturday night, right on deadline. Some days, I wasn't motivated to write, but I powered through anyway. I'm so glad I finished!

Make teaser images for FIRST FLYGHT. Done! You've seen a few on the blog so far.

Set up pre-orders Book 3 everywhere. This is coming along and will be done VERY soon. I started over the weekend but because it was a holiday, the new book didn't go through right away.

Brainstorm up Book 6's cover with my designer. Done! This cover was designed and sent to me already!

Keep up with SFR Station. I've stayed on top of the station and it's going well.

Get Lola everything she needs for our September event. Done!

Keep up outpatient physical therapy. PT is going well. I'm getting stronger and more flexible!

Keep up with walking. I did some morning walks but not a lot due to lack of time and a few days of sickness.

Reading and knitting. Reading has gone good, but knitting has stalled.

Business Goals For September

Publish FIRST FLYGHT. Everything is ready to go this Friday! I'm getting nervous, but it doesn't matter if anyone loves or hates it now. I'm totally invested.

Edit Flyght Books 3 and 4. This month I'll be busy doing edits on these books. I want them both done by the end of the month.

Prep Book 2, BROKEN FLYGHT, for publishing. I need to finish up the ebook and upload it to everywhere before mid-month.

Make teaser images for BROKEN FLYGHT. Gotta pimp this book too! I'll make images and start showing them off by the second week of the month.

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Personal Goals For September

Keep up outpatient physical therapy. As one does.

Start walking more regularly. Now that the kids are going back to school, I'll have more time for walking! I plan to ramp this up but I'll start with two mornings per week.

Reading and knitting. As usual.

Have a great September everyone!

S. J. Pajonas