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Featuring GENE BORN: HUNTER’S CHOICE By Lilly Griffin

Guess what? I have another sci-fi reverse harem book to present to you! Lilly Griffin is here to tell us about why she wanted to write her series, The Koci Hybrid.

I asked Lilly, “Why did you write The Koci Hybrid Series?”

Lilly replied…

I've always loved Sci-fi from the hard-core to the space-opera. It didn't matter if it was in space I wanted to read it. It was an author friend of mine that finally got me to put pen to paper and the rest as the say is history. Okay, history if it was a year ago. lol.

Me too! Oh, Lilly. I love sci-fi too. It's when I really started to reading books voraciously. I couldn't get enough! I read everything at the library I could get my hands on. So glad to find another sci-fi reader like myself!

The government used us to improve the human genome through gene modification and controlled us through a computer AI placed in our brains. Earth was dying, and they needed humans to be stronger, faster, and harder to kill while traveling through space in their search for a new home.

They were successful. They made us stronger, faster, and harder to kill. Then, they took it even further when an alien species called the Koci, who'd been shot down right before the last exodus ships were to leave earth and used this foreign DNA to changes us even further. We are now part Koci and part human, a hybrid. We sought our freedom from being controlled by the government only to find ourselves in the hands of pirates when we awoke from cryo-stasis.

Then, the pirates sold us to the Mxint Combine to fight in their gladiator games against other aliens and monsters. We went. We kicked ass. We gained our freedom, but at what cost and will it be short-lived. We chose a planet chock full of predators that we must survive for three weeks before rescue can arrive.

Will it be the Findo Alliance Investigators, will it be the Torgerian's battle group, will it be the Koci battle group, or worst of all will it be the Mxint Combine that finds us first. It's Hunter's Choice. We are finally free, but for how long?

Our goal— continued freedom,
our objective— find a new home,
our ambition— explore this new galaxy we find ourselves in.

Will we give up? Never!

*This is a SLOW BUILD REVERSE HAREM romance relationships.

*TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains content that may trigger readers sensitive to violence and references to sexual assault.


This is book 4 in the series, so be sure to start with book 1, GENE BORN: AWAKENING.

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