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Teaser Tuesday – The Drug Smuggler

It's time for another teaser for FIRST FLYGHT! I'm sure plenty of people will see this teaser and their eyebrows will liftoff from their faces. Lol. But sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get by.

When Vivian loses the house and the land, she only has a few options available to make enough money to get it back. And being the responsible person she is she diversifies. She doesn't JUST want to captain the Amagi and fly for Flyght, she'll also get some income with a little side business. She knows how to grow plants. In fact, this is the thing that she knows how to do best. So why not put it to good use? Except she's not growing what you think she's growing. This IS the future, after all.

So far, no one but Ken knows the details of what was in Dad’s seed box. I’m going to shower and sleep, and as soon as we’re through the jump ring to Ossun, I’ll sit everyone down and have the conversation.

What will they think of me? I’ve become a drug dealer, something I thought was beneath me. Well, not yet. But soon.

When I said I would do anything for my family, was this what I meant?

It eats away at me while I stroll through my equipment and explain to Marcelo how it works. How did I go from summa cum laude to peddling drugs?

Actually, come to think of it, only smart people would do something like this. I have the brains to figure out how to grow everything, make what I need to distribute, handle the financials, and keep it all undercover.

Yes, she's smart, but sometimes, even the smart ones don't see the problems until those problems are right on top of them.

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