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Teaser Tuesday – A Graduation For Vivian

It's time to start Teaser Tuesdays for FIRST FLYGHT! I'm excited that this book is finally going to be published. It was done over a year ago now, and I've been banking up books in the series for you all. Let's get right to today's teaser!

When we first meet our heroine, Vivian, she's treating herself to a killer pair of high heel shoes as a gift to herself. She's graduating in a mere two weeks, finals are over, and this is the time to pick out something nice to wear to all the parties she's going to attend. Right? Except this is also the time for her to figure out that her brother has stolen the family fortune.

I look at myself in the mirror and assess the damage school has brought. I’m skinnier and softer than I used to be which is not a good look for someone as tall as me. Lots of walking to and from classes and to and from trains has kept my calves in shape, but my arms need muscle. My face is thin, and my hair is lackluster. But the shoes bring my whole body to life.

I must have them.

“What do you think?” Heidi asks as I walk a circle around the couch.

“I think… I think I’ll take them.” A smile brightens my face.

“Excellent! That was my easiest sale of the week,” she says, laughing and winking at me.

I flash forward to graduation day, me walking in these beauties, getting my diploma and hearing my name called for the honor roll. I worked my tail off for that one moment. I hope it was all worth it.

As I sit down, I access my wristlet, and my bank account while I’m slipping back on my wholly inadequate old shoes. Bye-bye hard earned credi…t..s…

What the…?

Balance, zero.

My face heats to inferno levels, and my heart races as I stop to access it again.


Zero? How is this possible?

Oh, man! How embarrassing is that? She was just about to buy those shoes! But this is only the beginning of trouble for Vivian. She has a long way to go from here.

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I'll be back with teasers on Tuesdays until FIRST FLYGHT publishes!

S. J. Pajonas