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August 2019 Goals

Where is the summer going? It'll be over before I know it and we'll be back to school. Sigh. I love summer, so I hate when it rushes on by.

What Happened With July's Goals?

Start writing Flyght 4. I'm over 25,000 words into this book! Coming along just fine.

Write a blurb for Books 2 and 3 of the Flyght Series. I wrote Book 2's blurb and its fine, but I struggled so much with Book 3 that I paid for someone else to do it. That blurb should be coming in the next week or two.

Set up pre-orders for FIRST FLYGHT, Books 2, and 3 everywhere. Books 1 and 2 are up for pre-order! I wasn't able to put Book 3 up for pre-order since I haven't hit the 90-day window yet and I'm waiting on the blurb.

Set up the FIRST FLYGHT paperback on Ingram Spark. Done. And I ordered copies!

Keep up with SFR Station. This has been easy. I have a whole system for keeping it up to date which includes doing most of my work on Sunday mornings.

Get Lola everything she needs for our September event. I didn't get most of this done. It's been super busy around here. Lola has most of what she needs but this month I need to give her the rest.

Keep up outpatient physical therapy. I have done this! I had a week off while my therapist was on vacation but I kept at the walking and stretching.

Keep up with the pool and walking. Turns out I'm a horrible swimmer who is only going to hurt herself if she keeps up her awkward strokes. I have ditched swimming in favor of walking whenever I can.

Reading and knitting. Been doing both!

Business Goals For August

Finish writing Flyght 4. I'm on track to finish this book at the end of the month. Just have to keep up with my daily words!

Make teaser images for FIRST FLYGHT. I usually make teaser images for all of my books and post them to the blog and social media. I'm hoping to do this for this book as well.

Set up pre-orders Book 3 everywhere. As soon as I get my blurb, this will be done.

Brainstorm up Book 6's cover with my designer. I need to square away my titles and get this one taken care of.

Keep up with SFR Station. As usual now.

Get Lola everything she needs for our September event. Rolling this over to this month as it has to be done. She needs images and a few other things from me.

Personal Goals For August

Keep up outpatient physical therapy. As one does.

Keep up with walking. I plan on some morning walks this month. Definitely.

Reading and knitting. As usual.

Have a great August everyone!

S. J. Pajonas