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Broken Leg Update

June is a super busy month, and this week has been trying to kill me. There are so many end-of-school-year meetings, pool parties, BBQs, birthday parties, reunions, and concerts, along with all the every day stuff like tutoring, piano lessons, dentist visits, and haircuts. I suspect the blog will be lacking in posts until Mid July, so let's update about my broken leg!

We are now 11 weeks post accident and surgery. Have you ever broken a bone? I hadn't but my daughter had. I know kids recover quickly, but I swear her arm bone healed in like a month. It was amazing. Me? I have a long road of recovery ahead of me. My tibia is still pretty busted but the bone is filling in. The fibula is also starting to fill in, but it's doubtful it'll ever be fully healed. That's okay, though, because, did you know that the fibula doesn't bear any weight? Strange, right? So I'm obviously not recovering as fast as a 5-year old. Lol. That's to be expected when one is 43 years old.

Let's go to the x-ray photos!

Here, I annotated this photo so you can clearly see where the break is. The break hasn't shifted at all and the fuzziness in the x-ray is bone regrowth. So even though you can still see that huge gash, there is healing happening.

Right now the most pain I feel is from this area on the inside of my left leg, right above my ankle, where the screws are. This area is painful and tender most days. It's what I end up icing the most. I have a huge scar on the back of my leg from where they put the plate for the fibula and that is totally fine, crazy enough.

After a long day of hobbling around and just being a parent, I am in a lot of pain usually in this one spot. I hope someday that pain comes to an end.

And here are two more views from the top of my leg to my bottom. I still can't believe I have so much hardware in me, and it will be in me for the rest of my life. THE REST OF MY LIFE. Just wow.

So, on the home front, I'm getting by. I have a handicap parking placard which allows me to use the handicap parking spots when I can get them. They are a life saver! I'm trying to not walk long distances yet, and I'm doing some physical therapy 3-4 times per week. If you add in just all the regular exercise I do as a parent, it's more than enough to get me healthy again.

My original goal was to walk in the park by June, but that was before I saw how long it really takes to heal. Now, my goal with physical therapy is to walk in the park by September and I hope to make it there!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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