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Sunday Update – June 2, 2019

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Oh my god, y'all. IT'S JUNE. Where has the year gone? I'm glad it's June. Don't get me wrong. This is one of my favorite months of the year, with July in a close second place. I'm just really surprised at how fast time is moving.

The one thing I don't like about this June is that I'm still really healing from my broken leg. I thought I'd be walking in the park by June. HA! Lololololol. Not. Even. Close. I'm slowly getting by with some small distances of walking, but when I walk too much (and it's not even a lot, folks) I am in a lot of pain. My new hope is that I'll be walking in the park by September. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

This week was super busy!

Monday was Memorial Day, and we spent it at the pool with friends. We really enjoyed the day and had a great time. No complaints there!

Tuesday, it was back to school and regular life. I went to physical therapy in the morning and then ran errands in the rain. We needed more sunscreen and some other things so I went to our local beauty supply chain and then hit Dunkin Donuts for some much needed iced coffee.

Wednesday, I got some cooking done at home. I made frozen lunches for me and some stewed seaweed (kombu no tsukudani).

Thursday was one of my last pottery days since I won't be able to go this week. I had one bowl left to paint, so I went in and painted that after physical therapy, then returned home to rest. I was in a lot of pain this day so I took pain killers and kept my feet up for the evening.

Friday was busy. I got some work done at home then got my hair cut at noon. I love having it super short again! I then enjoyed some rice balls for lunch and worked outside for the rest of the afternoon. Then my husband made it home early which was nice! We went to my youngest daughter's softball game and went to bed late.

Saturday and Sunday were pool days. I got reading, writing, and knitting done. I got to relax. I got to have some time with friends and time alone. It was great.

In writing news, I am plugging along at Flyght 3 and figuring it out as I go. I hope to be done with it this month. In other news, I'm really IN LOVE with Instagram and I'm spending less time on FB. All in all, I think the change has been good for me. I'm also finding ways to deal with pain and take it easy.

What else happened this week?

Mmmm, food at the pool. Funnel cake, salads, and ice cream. I see a lot of all of these in my future.

My knitting is going well. I'm making great progress because there are all these little times when I can pull out my knitting now.

Our dogwood is blooming and it's lovely!

I enjoyed some onigiri (rice balls) this week. They were super tasty!

I made up some frozen lunches for me. Rice and lentils, sweet potatoes, kale, seaweed, and baked tofu. Mmmm.

I painted my last bowl in pottery class. This week I'll be unable to attend class and next week is the last one. I didn't get much done this semester due to my broken leg. I hope to do better in the fall.

Treated myself to some iced coffee after running errands.

I made sure to work outside as long as the weather was nice.

And finally, I got my hair cut on Friday and I'm super happy to have it short again.

Have a great week everyone!

S. J. Pajonas