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May 2019 Goals

April flew by in a blink! Which is good for me since I was in pain for most of it.

What Happened With April's Goals?

Continue working on the SFR Station website. Yep. I got about another 50 posts edited. Need to do more.

Reveal the new covers for the Nogiku Series. Yay! I did this! New covers are out there. I'm still working on the paperbacks, though.

Start Bookbub Ads. I did this! And I'm currently running low-cost ads every week.

Start Facebook Ads. Okay, so I did try some FB ads and they sucked. So I'm trying something different right now that I like. We'll see how it goes, and I'll talk more about it sometime soon.

Start writing Flyght 3. Yes! I did start, and I have about 10,000 words! I'm feeling my way through this first act of the book, and I'm making good progress.

Plan and execute a Harry Potter birthday party for my oldest. Nope. Still too much pain for this. We need to plan this for May.

Work on healing this broken leg and fractured foot and start physical therapy. I am working on this every day and whenever the physical therapist is here. I hope to be sent to outpatient PT soon.

Put all other personal goals on hold. Yep. I did what I could this month and nothing more.

A Look Back At April

Business Goals For May

Continue working on the SFR Station website. Every month until this is done.

Finish the paperbacks for the Nogiku Series. I'm in the home stretch on this task. I have all the files ready and I just need to upload them and do the rest of the work.

Keep up with my Facebook Page. I am posting there a lot more and boosting posts to gain more of an audience.

Keep writing Flyght 3. I'd like to make good progress on this book this month. Maybe get into the 4th act of the book. I don't want to push myself if I'm in pain. But I'm hoping to not be in too much pain this month.

Personal Goals For May

Plan and execute a Harry Potter birthday party for my oldest. We're going to set a date this coming weekend and start all the prep work. It will happen in May!

Start outpatient physical therapy. I have my follow-up doctor appointment tomorrow morning, and I hope to be cleared for outpatient PT and to drive again. I'm not sure what outpatient PT will entail, but I'm going to guess I'll go at least twice a week, and I'll also have to do things on my own.

Reading and knitting. I'd like to take more time to read and knit this month. I'm hoping I'll be walking more and can listen to audiobooks again.

Pick up intermittent fasting again. I need to start over from scratch on this. I'll start with setting my fasting to 12 hours, only eating between 8am to 8pm. Hopefully by June, I can get it to 10am to 8pm. Then by summer, I can be back to only two meals a day and 11am to 7pm, which is where I was before the broken leg. I did this over the span of a year last time, so I don't know how easy it'll be, but I need to give it a shot.

Have a great May!

S. J. Pajonas