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Where Do You Buy Books?

2019 is a year of changes for me including making my books more available to a wider audience. This summer I'd like to get my paperbacks onto Ingram Spark and then make them available on Barnes & Noble's website, Books A Million, Book Depository, etc. I'd also like to offer Large Print editions, if there's a need for them. I'd also like to offer my books on more international stores like DangDang, Bookmate, Bookshout, and Tookbook.

But did you know that my books are also available on Scribd, Playster, and 24Symbols? Most of these are new to me this year. I was on Scribd several years ago but kicked off when they did their romance purge. I'll be adding their buttons to my book pages soon!

Mind taking a quick poll?

Answering these questions could really help me out!


Thank you!

I'm always looking to expand my business and make my books available to more people around the world. If you have any additional places you'd like to see my content, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend!

S. J. Pajonas