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Book Chat #46 – Carysa Locke, Diana Logan, and Veronica Roth

It's time for another much anticipated Book Chat! Unfortunately, I haven't been reading much lately what with the broken leg. I would've thought that all this sitting around would lead to more reading, but with pain involved, it's been hard to concentrate on reading. Still, I have some books to share with you today!


This one I actually read last year! And I've been patiently, maybe not so patiently, waiting for it to be released so I could gush over it. I really enjoyed COMMANDER'S PRICE. It was snarky and fun. The heroine was delightful, and the hero was strong, interesting, and sympathetic. Plus, there's a great mystery here as to what happened to these aliens and how they're going to solve their problems of being stranded. I don't usually go for the whole “abducted by aliens and forced into coupling” trope, so I was glad that this one subverted the trope with a twist. Excellently done, Ms. Logan! I'm now awaiting Book 2!


I'm always happy to return to this universe created by Carysa Locke. I mean, what's not to love about Telepathic Space Pirates! This glimpse into Nayla's world was really insightful, and I especially loved seeing the planet and environment that raises the Killer telepaths. It was a bit creepy at times! This is a planet full of Killers, after all. But their society is an honorable one, and Nayla's presence among them is softening and raises pertinent questions about how they will evolve. A really great side story to this series. I can't wait for the next full novel!

THE FATES DIVIDE by Veronica Roth

My faith in Veronica Roth is restored! I really loved the way she brought all of the characters in these books around to their rightful end. Yes, some characters did die, but thankfully, not the ones I had grown attached to. I did love that Akos and Cyra made their own decisions, and even though they took different paths to their ending, they still ended up needing and helping each other. The fates may have divided, but they were brought together by the end! I enjoyed this rich and fascinating world. It was clever and interesting from beginning to end.

And that's it for this Book Chat! I hope to have more for you soon. I did read another book in the midst of these, but it's not published or on pre-order yet. We'll save it for next time!

S. J. Pajonas