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I didn't think I was going to make this deadline! Kobo, of all places, held onto the file for two days before publishing it, the longest of any of the online retailers. But it's here! And it's available for pre-order on your favorite store.

I hope you enjoy this next installment of the Miso Cozy Mysteries! Mei has a lot to figure out in this book, and she needs to follow her dreams. I really loved writing this one, so I hope you love reading it.

Starting next Tuesday, I'll be posting some teasers each week for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE FINDS HER CALLING, and I hope to write some posts for the blog too about things I've mentioned in this book. There's plenty more to learn about Japan every day!

Here are the details!

Tragedy strikes Chikata again!

When Noriko Kubo, a local small business coach, is found dead in her back garden, Mei feels the pull of a good mystery and the desire to solve another case, especially at the behest of her best friend. With several suspects that need to be questioned or followed, she has all the skills to help out and the imagination to piece together the clues.

But time is not on her side and neither is good luck. Her baby is crying for hours every night, her husband’s restaurant is so popular he’s never around, and her new house is in jeopardy of never being built. Mei doesn’t have the energy to help with a murder investigation… or does she?

Soon, everyone is depending on her for everything, and Mei feels lost and unsure of her own future. She loves her family and her tea shop, but she’s never really found her calling unless she’s helping to solve a murder case. That’s not a legitimate career for her, though, is it? Can Mei juggle her busy life, secure her place in society, and still help find Noriko’s killer?

With her head in the clouds and a taste for solving crime, you don’t want to miss Mei in The Daydreamer Detective Finds Her Calling, the intensely delicious fifth course to the Miso Cozy series of cozy mystery novels.

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So, stick around because there's lots of great content coming up soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

S. J. Pajonas