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March 2019 Goals

February was so short! I know it only has 28 days, but for once, it didn't drag on and on. Such a tiny, strange month.

What Happened With February's Goals?

Get all my tax information together. Done and sent off to the accountant. It took about two days of work to get it done, but I streamlined my process and I hope to set aside a day in June to do the first half of the year this year and all years going forward.

Build the new SFR Station website. This is a complicated topic BUT the site is built and running well. I had A LOT of work to do, but I got the majority of it done. Not only did I handle the site design but I also handled all of the legal stuff on the backend, the backups, the stuff that makes the site work. I installed a content framework so I could get the site to do things I can't do in JUST WordPress. I went through all the books and redirected any of them that weren't available anymore (more than 70 books), and I dowloaded over 300 covers at larger sizes for the website. Now, I still have plenty of work to do, unfortunately.

Edit Daydreamer 5. Done. Second draft is done and I'm already moving on to copy edits.

Work on removing honorifics from Daydreamer Series. Done. I did this, had the entire series proofread, made changes, re-compiled all of the ebooks, re-published them all with the new covers and had a cover reveal.

Start Bookbub Ads. I did not do this. Did you see all the other stuff I did? I just didn't have the time.

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking/stairs, stretching, pottery, and reading. My intermittent fasting got easier this month, and I'm fasting more on Thursdays now than I have previously. I did some reading and some audiobooks. Walking and stretching has gone well. Pottery is good. And I even got some knitting done!

A Look Back At February

Business Goals For March

Continue working on the SFR Station website. I have to update each individual book page and it should take me most of the month. I tasked my pal Lola to go through and make Books2Read links for all the available books on the site and now I have that in a spreadsheet. I just need to open every page, edit the text, add the Books2Read link, make sure the book is linked to the author, add an excerpt slug, and the new cover, then publish and move to the next one. It's mindless work and I can do it while listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

Start Bookbub Ads. I plan to advertise all my Book 1s on Bookbub in the coming months. In Marc, I'll start with REMOVED and THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE, hopefully.

Copy edit and publish THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE FINDS HER CALLING. I've already begun on this. I want it done by March 11th and off to my proofreader so I can have it on all the vendors 10 days head of launch. I also want to get this out to my ARC team as soon as possible.

Finish the paperbacks for the whole Miso Cozy Mysteries series. I ran into a hiccup with making the new covers for this series, and now that I know how to fix it, I would like to finish up this task.

Make teasers for THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE FINDS HER CALLING and edit all the old teasers for the whole Miso Cozy series. I need some teasers for this month! So this weekend I have to do this. Plus the old teasers have the old cover font so I need to switch those over, save and reupload.

Start writing Flyght 3. After I'm done with THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE FINDS HER CALLING, I'd like to move onto writing again. I hope to have a manuscript started before the end of the month.

Personal Goals For March

Plan and execute a Harry Potter birthday party for my oldest. Pinterest here I come! I'd like to make the plans for this party by March 10th, buy all the supplies, and then get my oldest daughter working on anything crafty. The party is March 31st.

It's mammogram time. I'm scheduled and ready to go. It's been 2.5 years since my last one and I'm not looking forward to it since I need tons of extra tests. I've put it off long enough. Time to go back.

Get a new doctor. I can't stand my old doctor. So I'm going over there and getting my medical records and I'm moving on. I need vaccinations and blood work done. I have also put this off for far too long. Time to go.

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking/stairs, stretching, pottery, and reading. All of the usual stuff!

Have a great March!

S. J. Pajonas