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Sunday Update – February 24, 2019

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Monday was a holiday, Presidents Day. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night due to a upset stomach. But I got up early and moved the boxes of books and bags of clothing I was set to donate out to the front stoop before 8am. We chilled at home during the morning, had lunch, and went to see LEGO Movie 2. In the afternoon and evening, I baked bread and worked on Daydreamer 5 edits.

Tuesday, everything was back to normal. The kids went to school, and I got back to work. I edited in the morning, walked and watched Outlander, and then ate brunch. In the afternoon, I continued with edits while trying to ignore the plagiarism scandal that was ripping through the author world. It was awful. An author stole from a dozen (and more) other authors and tried to blame it on a ghostwriter. There was nothing I could do but show some support and try not to let it suck up my whole day.

Wednesday was an unexpected half day due to snow. In the morning, I drove my car out to the dealership to get a few things fixed. I borrowed one of their cars to get home. Then I canceled my acupuncture treatment and went early to my chiropractor appointment to get home early to greet the kids after their short day. Tennis was canceled too as the snow came down so I took a nap in the afternoon. It was much needed. I had woken up for the day so tired with bloodshot eyes. Sigh. The full moon made sleeping the previous night hard. In the evening, the kids and I had pizza and watched the Flash. Then I took care of the snow before getting back to work on Daydreamer 5 edits.

Thursday, everything was back in business. The kids went to school, I picked up my car from the dealership, got a little work done, and went to pottery. At pottery, I trimmed 3 bowls, made another bowl, and then glazed a few bowls. Next week when I return to class I’ll have a few more bowls to glaze. I got home, ate, and got straight onto the treadmill. Once the kids were home, they had piano lessons and I finished Daydreamer 5! Yay! I sent it off to my readers and crit partners, and then I took the evening off.

I had the day off on Friday! That almost never happens. I got the kids off to school, updated the blog, got a little knitting in, then hit the treadmill for more Outlander. After, I stretched and ate lunch while getting caught up on Project Runway All Stars, did a face mask, and took a shower. I left the house at some point to shop at Whole Foods. Then I got more knitting done in the afternoon while catching up on podcasts and finishing my audiobook. I started a new audiobook while making dinner! I love audiobooks so much.

I enjoyed my day off so I continued it into Saturday morning. I sat on the couch and knit in the morning. Then I worked on my print covers for the Miso Cozy series. After lunch, I went outside for a walk and enjoyed my new audiobook. After, I got some bread ready for baking, worked on my covers some more, and had a shower. I finished off my covers in the evening, ate dinner with my husband, and watched Star Trek with the kids.

Today, Sunday, I knit some more in the morning while watching the Manchester United vs Liverpool match (We're Liverpool fans). Then I walked on the treadmill and watched Outlander (again). In the afternoon, I kept my youngest busy by having her make muffins that I know she won't eat. Lol. Then I went to start uploading my print changes to Amazon only to find out I'm going to probably have to assign new ISBNs to the print books and start them over from scratch because Amazon won't let me change the paper from white to cream. I don't know why. I could change the color paper on Createspace! What a crock of shit. (Sorry I'm mad.) So instead I'm working on a few other things while I wait to hear back from Amazon about changing the paper color. Grrr.

What else happened this week?

I spent many an evening with Great British Baking Show on while getting editing done. Then I finished off the edit with an additional 5000 words and celebrated with a cocktail.

Knitting and tea appear to be my things.

Progress has been made on the knitting! I started the second section on Friday and it's already grown quite a bit.

Mmmm, tempeh bacon for BLT sandwiches on homemade bread.

And finally, we got snow on Wednesday and it all melted by the weekend and I was able to walk outside again! Yay!

Have a great week everybody!

S. J. Pajonas