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Big Changes Coming to the Miso Cozy Mystery Series

This is a heads-up post for all my mystery readers! Ch-ch-changes are coming soon!

Come the end of February / beginning of March, the entire Miso Cozy Mystery Series is getting a makeover, inside and out.

First up, the entire series is getting new covers. The novellas are getting a slight update to match the new fonts, but the rest will be all new. I really like the new design! They’re a bit more whimsical and easier to reproduce for an extended series of covers.

Look at that! Not even I, the author of the books, have the updated covers in paperback. Lol.

So, if you want the paperbacks with the old covers, get them now, especially at the prices they're currently at. I will be raising prices by a dollar or two when the new versions are out. Why? I checked my statements and I'm making less than $1 per paperback sold. Yes, less than $1. I was keeping the prices low for readers, but I do SO MUCH WORK to bring you paperbacks between the formatting, wrap-around covers, price of buying ISBNs, and dealing with KDP Print. I can't afford to be making less than $1 every time I sell one. So, it's time to raise the prices. I will be re-covering all the paperbacks, switching to cream-colored paper, and eventually making the paperbacks available elsewhere besides Amazon. If you are a large print reader, I hope to have those editions ready by the end of summer.

The insides of the books are being updated too! I have edited all the books to drop the honorific -san, -chan, -kun, and -ko. They have been proofread, inconsistencies have been sussed out, and I’ll be updating the file files this weekend. This was a hard decision but ultimately I’m much happier with this version! They read better for English speakers, and I find they’re easier to understand. I wish I had done this update last year!

And finally, I plan to put the 5th book of the series up for preorder soon. THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE FINDS HER CALLING will be an installment in the series you won’t want to miss!

This is your advanced warning that changes are just around the corner. I hope you’ll love the newly redesigned and reimagined Miso Cozy Mystery Series as much as I do.

Have a great weekend!

S. J. Pajonas