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Mailing List Updates – New Options and New Release Alerts

Over the past few months I've been working behind the scenes on this blog to make things easier for you to get the content you want or need from me. As you know, I don't have a newsletter anymore. Instead, if you sign up for alerts from me, you get the posts from the blog every Friday. That's the standard “newsletter” and it's been working great for about a year now.

In May of last year (while I was in Japan, no less), I dealt with purging the mailing list of people who didn't open emails, in an effort to comply with GDPR. Then in December of 2018, I held a giveaway at the end of the year, both of free books and a hardcover on Amazon, to entice people to open emails from me.

Did you know that it's actually important that you open emails and load images if you want to continue getting emails from the people and businesses that you sign up for? If you read in the preview pane, this can be a major problem. YOUR system (gmail, yahoo, etc.) will think you're not opening emails and it will decrease the sender reputation of THAT BUSINESS, therefore sending more of that business's emails to junk or spam folders. So, in order for me to keep my sender reputation high and not end up in spam, I have to only send to people who are opening emails. I send every week, so it's a problem if 50% of people are not opening my emails every week.

So, I have made another option for those of you who want fewer emails from me. There is now a monthly email option. It sends out on the 28th of every month with the last 10 blog posts in it. I moved people who didn't open ANY of my December giveaway emails to that list at the beginning of January. That email does not get a lot of opens from those people BUT it's only one email a month and it's not interfering with my weekly email open rates anymore.

If you would like to hear from me only once per month AND get new release alerts, you can switch to that option in the Manage Your Subscription page via the email you were sent.

Regarding New Release Alerts

Everyone on my mailing list alerts gets New Release Alerts regardless of what list they have signed up for. I'm an author first and foremost and a blogger second. I will be letting you know about my new books! That's my top priority.

If you get the Blog Posts As They Happen, Weekly Digests, and News options, you will get your normal email with the New Release blog post as long as I'm launching that book on a Friday, which I do plan on doing for the foreseeable future. All people on my New Release and Monthly Digest lists will get a new release email as well on the Friday the book launches.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here or hit reply on your mailing list alert. Have an awesome weekend!

ETA: If you tried to change your subscription in the last two days, I apologize that the Monthly Updates option was not presented. I thought that all the options were turned on, but it turns out I had to go in and select that option to be available. It's there now. Sorry again!

S. J. Pajonas