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February 2019 Goals

Well, for once, I don't feel like time flew away from me. January was a long month! But now here we are at February and it's time to set goals for a new month.

What Happened With January's Goals?

Finish writing Daydreamer 5. DONE! And I think you'll all enjoy this one! I certainly enjoyed writing it!

Continue website maintenance. I did not finish up the Book Chats but I got more of them done and into Pinterest too.

Set up evergreen campaigns through January. I think I only set up two of these.

Work on removing honorifics from Daydreamer Series. I only JUST finished writing Daydreamer 5 yesterday, so this goal is being moved to February.

Finish watching Ads For Authors Modules on AMS and Bookbub PPC Ads. I finished watching the Amazon Ads course and I started playing around with ads and seeing how they worked now. I had taken a few months off from them and now they are drastically different. I ended up losing money on ads this month which is a bummer, but I learned some good lessons from it. I'm almost done watching the Bookbub Ads course, and I hope to start on those soon.

Play around with Daz 3D. I didn't even open Daz 3D this month. Too much other stuff going on.

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking/stairs, stretching, and reading. I did all of these! In fact, my intermittent fasting is going really well and I've cut a meal from my diet which has been much better for my overall energy levels. I'm also losing weight. My flexibility has really improved and I'm in a lot less pain too. All wins!

A Look Back At January

Business Goals For February

Get all my tax information together. Supposedly, our company-appointed accountant is going on maternity leave soon which means I need to work on my taxes. I hope to do them today, tomorrow, and Sunday and be done with them.

Build the new SFR Station website. I took ownership of the SFR Station last year, and I finally have time to whip it into shape. I'll be starting with redesigning the overall website and templates, instituting a new color theme and logo, and I've asked for help with going through all the entries and updating them. I hope to have it done by the end of the month.

Edit Daydreamer 5. This will probably happen near the end of the month and spill over in the first week of March.

Work on removing honorifics from Daydreamer Series. This needs to be done, especially now that I have new covers for the whole series.

Start Bookbub Ads. I plan to advertise all my Book 1s on Bookbub in the coming months. In February, I'll start with REMOVED and THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE.

Personal Goals For February

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking/stairs, stretching, pottery, and reading. All of the usual stuff!

Have a great February!

S. J. Pajonas