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Motivational Monday – Systems and Habits

I'm not a huge motivational quotes or inspirational person, but I thought this might be a nice occasional feature for the blog. Will I do it every week? I'm not sure, but let's start off, try to set the habit (see what I did there?), and see how I do.

I firmly believe that the only way to achieve all those goals that I set up every year and every month is to work on them every day. Goals are only achievable by systems and habits that we establish and follow-through on.

How long do you need to establish these habits? Good question! There are lots of great online resources for helping you make a positive change a habit. I personally don't do a lot of 30-day challenges because I don't feel it sets enough of a habit for me though it may for others. I need a lot more than 30 days to make something a life-long habit! When I set a goal, I know I have to make that habit a part of my life every day, or I'll never stick with it.

So this quote from Robert Collier, a self-help and motivational speaker, is very appropriate today.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”

This year I'm setting new habits and systems that I hope will carry me through to 2020 and beyond. I'm trying to write every day on a small side project, walk or stretch every day, be mindful of what I eat every day.

What habits or systems are you setting for your new year? What do you hope to accomplish, what's your goal, from the products of these new systems or habits?
S. J. Pajonas