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January 2019 Goals

It's a new month and a new year! I'll keep this one short since I've already done several updates to the blog this week.

What Happened With December's Goals?

Begin writing Daydreamer 5. I'm almost at the halfway point! I'm going to push hard and finish this month.

Continue website maintenance. I continued to work on old Book Chat posts during December and I have them almost all done!

Set up evergreen campaigns through January. I was a little lax about this, but I plan to start up again this month.

Get back to Pinterest. I am rocking Pinterest now! I have so much content on Tailwind and even more to come. My stats are climbing and I'm getting tons of traffic to my blog. Huzzah!

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking, yoga, and reading. I got some knitting, walking and reading done, and that's about it. The holidays are full of sweets!

A Look Back At December

Business Goals For January

Finish writing Daydreamer 5. I didn't do a great job of staying on top of my writing goals over the holidays so now I have to hustle. I have about 35,000 words I have to write this month. That's A LOT less than NaNoWriMo, so I think I can do it.

Continue website maintenance. I want to finish up the Book Chats and move onto the back Sunday Updates.

Set up evergreen campaigns through January. Same as last month. Set up a campaign for every Monday.

Work on removing honorifics from Daydreamer Series. As soon as I'm done with writing Daydreamer 5, I need to hustle and remove the honorifics from the whole series, reformat, reupload, and redo the paperbacks as well.

Finish watching Ads For Authors Modules on AMS and Bookbub PPC Ads. I'm going to start up ads again and this time I want to do it right so I'm going back to the basics and learning stuff I didn't learn the first time around. I'm almost done watching the AMS course and I want to move onto Bookbub PPC ads next. My intention is to advertise my backlist on AMS and BB, then advertise my new releases on FB.

Play around with Daz 3D. I want to learn how to create 3D characters and cities. I thought it might be fun to learn how to do this this year! So I'll start with the basics this month.

Personal Goals For January

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking/stairs, stretching, and reading. All of the usual stuff! Pottery starts next week!

Have a great January!

S. J. Pajonas