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December 2018 Goals

How is November over already? I remember January like it was yesterday. I'm sad that the years just slip by now.

What Happened With November's Goals?

Edit both Flyght Books 1 and 2. Done! They are with my proofreader now, and I even set up the pre-order for Book 1 on all the sites that would let me.

Continue website maintenance. I did not clean up my website like I wanted to. I think I'm going to take this weekend to work on it and start on writing on Monday.

Set up evergreen campaigns through December. I set some of these up!

Set up all the Pinterest images for the Miso Cozy Mysteries Series and the Hikoboshi Series. Done! I finished these up over two day between editing Books 1 and 2 of the Flyght Series.

Go on vacation and really go on vacation. I did! I went on vacation and I didn't even open my laptop ONCE while I was gone. We had a great time, and I came home exhausted but happy.

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking, yoga, reading, and pottery. I wish I had knit more this month, but I did most of the rest. I didn't practice intermittent fasting while on vacation, but it's been good for me during other times.

A Look Back At November

Business Goals For December

Begin writing Daydreamer 5. It's my intention to write and finish this book before my birthday on January 18th. I would like to start writing on December 3 and take Christmas off. That's 45 days of writing for a 72,000 word book, which is 1600 words a day. I can manage that, I think.

Continue website maintenance. I'd really like to finish up the bigger tasks on the website by the end of the year so I can move onto another website I'm interested in working on.

Set up evergreen campaigns through January. Same as last month. Set up a campaign for every Monday.

Get back to Pinterest. I need to spend more time here. So I've got a trial subscription to Tailwind and I'm working on being a better marketer in this channel.

Personal Goals For December

Intermittent fasting, knitting, walking, yoga, and reading. All of the usual stuff! Pottery will be done next week until January.

Have a great December!

S. J. Pajonas