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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm not really a holiday person so much, but I've grown to love Thanksgiving over the years. We celebrate with family by driving out to Long Island and spending the day eating, talking, laughing, and having fun. The kids enjoy it, and so do we, sitting at the table all day long. It's not about the turkey, although it may be about the mashed potatoes. Wow, I love mashed potatoes. Someday let me tell you about my cousin, Matt, and his mashed potato mountains as a kid.

Another thing to love about this holiday is how it gives me a day to really reflect on the things I'm thankful for. I'm definitely thankful for my family, both my immediate family of my awesome husband and two great kids. But also my extended family, my in-laws, my parents and brother and his family, my cousins and all their families. I'm also thankful for my friends, for Tracy Krimmer, and all the people I see online on a daily basis.

I'm also thankful for my writing and for the readers who have come with that. Every day that I sit down to write is a gift. I haven't had much success at the business of writing, BUT I am following my passion and doing the thing I've wanted to do since I was a kid. There was a period of time in my 20s and early 30s where I thought I'd never have a good story to tell! And now look at how many I've told! I'm thankful the gift of storytelling has finally come to me, after so many years of hard work and waiting. I'm also thankful for the few readers out there, you all, who have shared in my stories. That's probably the greatest gift you could ever give a writer. Seriously. I'm so thankful for each of you!

So today, on this Thanksgiving, I'm feeling happy and content for all the riches of this life.

And I hope you all have a lovely holiday, or a lovely Thursday, if you're not celebrating.

S. J. Pajonas