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Featuring LEGEND By Nicole Zoltack

I'm featuring a few new authors (and a few you already know) on the blog this month! I've known Nicole a long time now and she's one heck of a prolific writer. Today, I asked her to stop by and tell us about her new release, LEGEND.

I asked Nicole, “What inspired the story of LEGEND and The Queenmaker Series?”

She replied…

I've always been a big history and legends buff, and King Arthur and Camelot has always been one of my favorite folklore heroes. I also love the what if game. What if King Arthur had been a teenage girl when the sword was pulled from the stone? What if she were a maid and had that as another obstacle? And The Queenmaker series was born.

I've always loved the tales of King Arthur as well. Did anyone else watch EXCALIBUR as a kid? My father loved that movie and I remember watching it a lot. I mean, who doesn't love a lady in a lake giving out swords??

A maid who will become legend…

Sixteen-year-old Alena longs for a world where peasants, servants, and nobles are all equal. Truly, that will never be possible until the day when she removes a sword from a stone and might have the chance to become queen… if she can rally those same peasants, servants, and nobles behind her.

Legend is a King Arthur retelling with Arthur as Alena, a maid who can possibly become so much more than she ever dreamed possible. Perfect for fans of The Mists of Avalon, The Selection, and Red Queen.

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