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A History of Japan Podcast – Podcast Recommendation

I've recently been expanding my podcast listening from just writer-related to news, long-form journalism, and educational too. Someday, I'll go over all the podcasts that I subscribe to, but for now, I wanted to let you know about a great recent find!

If you're interested in Japan and Japanese history, you need to check out the A History of Japan Podcast, narrated and researched by Isaac Meyer. This is a recent find for me, so I've been going back to listen to old episodes. I'm so glad that the vast majority of them are available in the Apple Podcasts feed! This has become my new evening habit of cooking dinner and listening. Can't beat that. :)

The recent episodes focusing on the history of Tokyo from its inception as Edo to modern day Tokyo has been particularly informative. I knew a bit about how it was formed, but Isaac gets into the nitty gritty details about how it worked, was administrated and governed. When you really think about how much work went into building a city as massive as Tokyo, your head swims!

The topics on the podcast are varied and wide-ranging, which is a good thing. I've noticed many podcasts get into ruts where they're talking about the same thing every other podcast is talking about. So subscribing should give you something new and interesting to listen to every time the podcast is updated. And definitely check out the blog posts associated with each episode. Isaac usually posts some images and photos to help support the information he provides. It's very thorough!

Check out Isaac's website and subscribe to the podcast!

I just started supporting him on Patreon too. Hopefully we'll get many more podcasts from him in the future.

S. J. Pajonas