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September 2018 Goals

August went by in a blink! I was just thinking back on New Year's Eve the other day and it feels like yesterday. Sigh.

What Happened With August's Goals?

Take a break from writing. I did this mostly. Near the end of the month, I did do revisions on the new book in the new series I've been writing this year, mostly so I could get it off to new readers before September. It wasn't a lot of writing.

Get through the launch of DESTINATION: MURDER. We did it AND we made the USA Today Best Seller list!

Clean up the website. I made significant progress on this goal! Yet, there's so much more to do. More posts to clean up, more pinterest images to make, more content to schedule evergreen campaigns for. I'm going to continue with my full site audit through September and October while I do other things.

Set up my direct store. Done! I'm selling all of my work direct now. I've even pulled down all the short stories, FACE TIME, and SUMMER HAIKUS and I'm only selling those direct.

Take a break from my sales. I did pretty good with this. I stopped checking my sales constantly but I still checked them more than I would've liked, mostly because I was in KDP and Createspace a lot this month. KDP to pull books down and unpublish them, so I checked my sales while I was there. And then Createspace because they're shutting down and now all of my paperbacks will be through KDP Print whenever they port them over.

Continue to keep away from sweets and keep practicing intermittent fasting. I did better with intermittent fasting this month, but with days spent at the pool, there was lots of ice cream involved. Mmmmm.

Finish my knitting project! I'm not done but I have made SIGNIFICANT progress. I'm almost to the final section. I hope to get there this weekend.

More of the same: walking, yoga, reading. Enough walking, plenty of reading, but hardly any yoga because there's been no alone time this month. As soon as the kids are back in school!

A Look Back At August

Business Goals For September

Start writing Flyght Book 2. Time to get back to writing! I've been brainstorming this book and I'm looking forward to getting down and into it. I hope to get it halfway done by the end of the month.

Publish MATSURI AND MURDER. The DESTINATION: MURDER box set will be complete in a week's time which means MATSURI AND MURDER comes back to me. I plan to publish it on September 14th.

Continue website maintenance. I just need to keep plugging along at this, do an article or two every day.

Set up evergreen campaigns through October. Now that I have a bunch of blog posts cleaned up, it's time to get them into MissingLettr and schedule campaigns for them. I can start two per week, Mondays and Saturdays, which is usually when I don't schedule any other campaigns.

Deal with my paperbacks on Createspace. I'm hoping I won't have to do anything here. There's the possibility Createspace will just port over my paperbacks to KDP Print, I can buy some proofs, and be done with it. But I doubt it'll be that easy.

Work on a trailer for the Miso Cozy Mysteries series. It's my intention to make videos for all of my series. Something I can add to all of the book pages on my website. I would like to plan out and buy the stock video for the Miso Cozy Mysteries series at the very least.

Personal Goals For September

Continue to keep away from sweets and keep practicing intermittent fasting. I have a better shot at accomplishing this this month.

Finish my knitting project! I'm so close to actually finishing that I know I can do this this month.

More of the same: walking, yoga, reading. With the kids back in school, I'll have more time for walking and yoga. I can't wait!

Have a great September everybody!

S. J. Pajonas