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Featuring ALL THAT DOESN’T By Tracy Krimmer

As you probably know well by now, my critique partner, Tracy Krimmer, is one of my most favorite people ever. And she writes lovely books as well. I've seen her come a long, long way, and I'm really enjoying this ALL THAT series. In fact, she just sent me Book 3 the other day, and I'm so looking forward to reading it!

So today, on its release day, I have Tracy Krimmer on the on the blog to feature her book, ALL THAT DOESN'T.

I asked Tracy, “What inspired you to write the ALL THAT series?”

She replied…

This series came to me at the oddest time. I was with my family at the movies watching Zootopia. Judy Hopps was on the monorail on her way to Zootopia to start a life completely foreign to her. She'd be on her own for the first time. The Shakira song came on, “Try Everything.” Every lyric to that song resonated with me and I found myself in tears. I started to think what it would be like to not only try something new but almost completely start over. That's the challenge I gave to Dory, a no-longer-relevant country music star, when her ever-so-popular-star husband dumps her on national television. I loved writing this series. Book 2, All That Doesn't, brings on new challenges as she fights to not only rekindle her career but deal with an unexpected guest. Let's not forget about Harris, her long-lost love she's now with and the struggles he faces as a divorced dad of a grade school child. The final book, All That Matters, will be out October 22nd and bring a wonderful ending to the series.

“Starting over” is always such a great theme for a book and it works great in this series. I love watching Dory grow and learn how to find love and happiness.

After a devastating end to her marriage, Dory Walker has rebuilt her life in her hometown of Sycamore Bay. She's left her music career behind and is only looking forward to her future with her rekindled love, Harris Malone.

Single dad Harris is doing his best to guide his young daughter and take the reins of his soon to be retired dad's hardware store. With Dory by his side, he can do anything.

But just when Dory thought she had it all, a surprise visitor turns her world upside down with a revelation that threatens to tear her family apart. She turns to Harris for help, but he's caught up trying to save his relationship with his daughter. Can the bond between Dory and Harris survive these turbulent times?

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SALE NOTE: This book is $2.99 through August 31, 2018. Book 1, ALL THAT GLITTERS, is on sale for 99¢. Book 3, ALL THAT MATTERS, is on pre-order.

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