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DESTINATION: MURDER Is Now Available! Includes A New Miso Cozy Mystery!

ETA: This box set is no longer for sale. Please purchase MATSURI AND MURDER here.

Well, the day is finally here! This box set, DESTINATION: MURDER, is now available! And it includes MATSURI AND MURDER, a new Miso Cozy Mystery novella, plus seven other awesome travelogue mysteries. Learn more about MATSURI AND MURDER.

I'm excited about this box set as it's the first time I've had the chance to really capture new readers into my Miso Cozy Mysteries universe. We've sold a lot, but we need to sell more to (hopefully) hit the USA Today Best Seller list! If you haven't purchased this one, especially in a non-Amazon store, please consider supporting the set and purchase one today for only 99¢. We plan to raise the price after our initial first week, so you'll get it now for a bargain.

S. J. Pajonas