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June 2018 Goals

We're almost at the mid-point of the year! Here comes June!

What Happened With May's Goals?

Start writing new Miso Cozy Novella. I did start writing this and I'm at about 10,000 words now. I'm aiming for 40,000, so now I have to write 30k in June.

Keep writing on the other WIP. I was way too busy to work on the first book in the Flyght Series, but I've been thinking a lot about it. I'm looking forward to working on it in July.

Recompile and upload all the books of the Hikoboshi Series. Done. New ebooks are up there and new covers too.

Replace all the covers of the Hikoboshi Series on my website. Done.

Travel to Chicago May 4-6 for the Sell More Books Show Summit. Done and I had a great time! Except for that moment when I hurt my leg. Ugh. I learned a good lesson that day that I'm not cut out for parkour. Not at all. But I also learned other great lessons about publishing and writing from people during this conference that have stuck with me since then.

Handle my youngest daughter's First Communion. Done. Everyone had a great time!

Figure out how to use this gimbal thing I bought. I figured this out thanks to YouTube and I used it plenty in Japan!

Plan out my trip and go to Japan! Been there and back! I had an amazing time in Japan. I saw a lot of the country, learned a lot of new things, and I also solidified my knowledge of this wonderful country. It was great to help out other travelers who knew very little about Japan and share the wealth of knowledge I've learned over the years. I'm looking forward to sharing my trip with you all!

Continue to keep away from sweets and keep practicing intermittent fasting. This went out the window while in Japan. Damn those ice cream sandwiches! But now I'm back and back on the wagon.

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. I did well with this. I walked a lot while in Japan and read a whole book while I was there! I even got some knitting done. I wish I could travel more just for the knitting and reading time.

A Look Back At May

Business Goals For June

Finish writing new Miso Cozy Novella. This is due in July, but I want to be done with it by June 22 so I can go through, do light edits, and then copyedit and proofread before I turn it in.

Publish one post per week about my trip to Japan. These are kinda labor intensive with all the images and videos, so I want to publish at least one per week.

Personal Goals For June

Make it through this month. June is never easy with the end of school, and it's usually gloomy too, as it is today as I write this. If I can get the writing done, I'll be really happy.

Continue to keep away from sweets and keep practicing intermittent fasting. If I can keep this up through June, I feel it'll be habit and I won't have to actively monitor it anymore. Fingers crossed!

More of the same: walking, reading, knitting. Self-explanatory.

Have a great June everybody!

S. J. Pajonas