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Teaser Tuesday – Bring On The Popcorn

It's the final #TeaserTuesday post for FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT!

This is where I get to have fun as an author. Throughout this series, I have referenced not only older science fiction classics (like Blade Runner and Caves of Steel) but also themes from Japanese literature and pop culture. Playing around with these little easter eggs, dropping them into the stories when readers least expect it, is something I really look forward to. I like to “hang a lantern” on them, really show the reader that I'm paying attention, that I'm doing these things on purpose. In fact, this particular line in the teaser comes not long after Yumi also wishes for a deus ex machina interference. Lol.

Anyway, it was my intention in this book to reference more of the Japanese camp horror movies. I had been saving them for this book! With such greats as Godzilla and Mothra and other epic monsters in Japan's past, how could I not use their inspiration for my own?

By the way, if you think this ending came out of nowhere, then you missed all the hints in the first two books. I've been planning this twist in the story since the beginning! :)

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Thanks for checking out all of these teasers! They were great fun to make for such a fun book to write. I hope you enjoy FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT.

S. J. Pajonas