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Sunday Update – April 29, 2018

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Last week just flew right on by!

We started the week on Sunday by purchasing real, grown-up deck furniture! And then we went out to eat as a family.

Monday it was back to work and school. I finished up my read-through of FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT and went for a walk in the park. Spring has finally made it to my corner of the globe and all the trees in the park are blooming. It's been a beautiful week around here.

Tuesday, I spent the morning at Costco, and in the afternoon, I took both my girls to get their haircuts. They both got a lot of hair chopped off and now it's so much more manageable for them.

Wednesday was the longest day. I had the cleaning ladies here in the morning (which always requires prep work to put stuff away prior to them showing up), then chiropractor and acupuncture, then a quick parent-teacher meeting, then tennis lessons. It rained all day, and even though that was rough, it saved us from also having to go to softball practice. That gave us a small break for us to eat dinner before we left for the school Art Show that evening. By the time I got home, I was beat.

Thursday turned out to be a nice day. I went for a walk in the morning and then got some work done. FUSKUSHA MODEL EIGHT made it out to ARC Readers, and then I took my girls out for frozen yogurt in the afternoon to celebrate.

On Friday, I had another busy morning. I went and got my haircut first thing and came home to find the deck furniture we bought arrived. Then I took the afternoon off and watched some Firefly. Somedays you just need a little break. FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT went out for official pre-order and I managed to get a few sales!

Saturday turned out to be busy too. I slept horribly and then the kids had piano lessons bright and early at 9am. Then I dropped off youngest for her softball practice before her game, ran to the outdoor furniture store, picked up our cushions and umbrella base, ran back to watch the softball game, then I spent the rest of the afternoon helping my youngest with her culture country project for school. I tried to take a nap but the kids kept waking me up.

Today, I went for a walk and we finished up the culture country project. I got some more work done and now I'm here writing this post. Phew. I'm exhausted again! I need to go to bed early.

What else happened this week?

The park was super pretty and the turtles were out on their log!

I enjoyed a very yummy raspberry mojito.

The school Art Show was full of great art!

Frozen yogurt was one of my better ideas for the week.

We had geese on our roof and the next door neighbor's roof one morning. It was really strange to see them up there.

And I really love our new deck furniture. I plan to be out there writing as much as possible this summer.

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Coming up this week on the blog: The first Teaser Tuesday for FUKUSHA MODEL EIGHT, May Goals (on Wednesday), and then I'm not sure. We shall see!

S. J. Pajonas